"Patiohawk boldly distorts the alternative rock sounds we’ve come to know and love. Guided by singer/songwriter Liam Colbert’s velvety tones, it’s extremely impressive how the band creates a sophisticated union of vintage and modern sounds that underscores every track off their new album." - cfmu.ca

Patiohawk’s humble legion of fans keep coming back to see the band play because of a couple simple reasons: exciting music and the kind of unmistakeable energy and charisma that makes the stage feel just a little too small. The band strives to find the balance between pure songwriting craftsmanship and a dazzling brand of showmanship, between a chorus that you can sing along to and dual guitar harmony heroics that harken back to a time of tighter pants and longer hair.

Since the release of their debut record 'Toastmaker' in August 2017, Patiohawk has been hard at work building off of their loyal fanbase at home, playing some of Toronto's most historic venues such as the Rivoli, The Horseshoe Tavern and Cameron House to name a few. The band has also toured eastern Canada, playing shows in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, as well as opening for LA rock up-and-comers Valley Queen back in Toronto.

Patiohawk's tight, melodic sound is derived from a wealth of influences ranging from 70s hard rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, to more contemporary rockers like Queens of the Stone Age, Tame Impala and White Reaper. The concept of groove is paramount to the band, and a thick, unmistakeable bass-driven thread connects all of their material. 'Toastmaker' has been described as "all at once nostalgic and fresh". The band takes pride in their eclectic songwriting, delivering hard- rock riffiness and psychedelic synth-driven bliss on the same record.

In regards to the last track on the album 'So Long', a winding acoustic tune reminiscent of Zeppelin's 'Going to California', Kris Geis of the Deli Magazine said, "It's a mellow and conscious track which would give the album variety along with their more upbeat blues rock tunes”.

Patiohawk began 2020 with a headlining show at the Horseshoe Tavern, and opening slots in support of local Ontario talents Texas King and Kasador.